Symptom Checklist


Symptom Checklist

Print this checklist to help organize and record the symptoms you are experiencing. Check and circle what and when as applicable. Bring it in to Red Rock Auto Center when having your auto service done. Printer friendly version.


What is it doing:

  • misses or runs rough when the engine is ...
  • hesitates or backfires when the engine is ...
  • engine stalls or dies when ...
  • sluggish or low on power, but not rough ...
  • hard to start, but cranks over okay when ...
  • engine cranks over but won't catch/run ...
  • stalls after starting ...
  • making noise ...
  • fluid leaking ...
  • excessive exhaust smoking ...

When is it doing it:

  • cold engine temperature
  • lukewarm engine temperature
  • fully warmed-up engine
  • after driving _____ miles
  • when starting engine
  • immediately after engine is started
  • driving at ___ mph
  • when accelerating (hard) or (normally)
  • when going up hill
  • when turning (left), (right), (both ways)


  • tapping, knocking, grinding, rumbling
  • gurgling, tinny, rattle, squealing
  • other _____

Color of Fluid:

  • green, reddish, black, brownish

Exhaust Smoke:

  • blue / grey, black

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